Forest Nikola Elie

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About Forest Nikola Elie

Forest Nikola Elie brings a wealth of knowledge with 20+ years of farming, ranching, land development, to Luxe places international Realty team! His knowledge of developing water, grading, and building construction is a favorable addition to his clients and the Luxe Places Team. He is consistently evolving his knowledge of agriculture commodities, vineyards and real estate trends in his home town of Healdsburg and surrounding areas. 


He has experience in the traditional agriculture sector as well regenerative agriculture practices. A trusted Farm beru member since 2019! 


When you connect these skills with integrity, honesty and a competitive nature. 


Forest would be a great asset to assist with your next real estate transaction. 


In the market for a dream house on acreage or 1000+ acre farming/Ranching venture Forest could be the missing link too turning your vision into reality! 


Born and Raised is a small Northern California town where a handshake and your word, is as good as a signed contact!

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